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Ben & Jerry's Responds to Boycott Dirty Dairy

10 Oct 2017 | 38,625 Views

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made with CAFO milk that's destroying the environment, including Lake Carmi in Vermont. The company's CEO recently toured the contaminated lake, seeing with his own eyes why so many are calling for a boycott of the 'dirty dairy' ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's — 20 Years of Greenwashing

08 Aug 2017 | 153,494 Views

Chances are, if you like ice cream, you probably like Ben & Jerry's - not just because of their 'euphoric concoctions' but also their emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly practices and support for labeling GMOs. Too bad it's all a façade - here's the untold truth.

The Destructive Cheesing of America

02 Aug 2017 | 54,617 Views

A growing number of Americans are not drinking milk but are eating cheese. In an effort to use surplus dairy products produced on industrialized farms, a government-sponsored agency is working hand-in-hand with fast food chains to increase cheese consumption. I'll give you strategies to find your best option.

More Details Emerge in Organic Dairy Fraud

18 Jul 2017 | 38,672 Views

If you buy organic dairy, you should know that not all organic brands are created equal. While some are offering truly superior milk that comes from grass fed cows raised on pasture, others are passing off industrially produced milk as organic - and pocketing the increased profits while small family farms struggle to survive.

How Organic Is Your Organic Milk?

20 Jun 2017 | 206,881 Views

Just another reason to replace this seemingly healthy food with one that's often demonized. Worse, they're not telling you the whole truth about it, even though it's supposedly organic. This major brand is slipping in what they call a brain-healthy oil, but in fact, it's one that's been brewed in a factory with GMO corn syrup-fed algae.

Stay Away From This Brand of Organic Dairy

16 May 2017 | 109,921 Views

Are you paying twice as much for organic milk that's no better than its conventional counterpart? A revealing investigation shows that not all organic brands are created equal and highlights the importance of getting educated about the best sources of high-quality dairy.

Big Dairy Continues War Against Farmers and Raw Milk

09 May 2017 | 59,288 Views

A US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report estimates the number of illnesses linked to drinking unpasteurized dairy in an apparent attempt to squelch Americans' growing enthusiasm for obtaining wholesome farm-fresh foods like raw milk and cheese.

FDA Milk Prohibition Is Dirty Dairy’s Scheme

07 Feb 2017 | 37,901 Views

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bans the interstate sale or distribution of raw milk, a regulation that favors industrial mega-dairy farms while forcing small farmers out of business. Increasing numbers of Americans are seeking out locally produced raw milk, however, and some states are introducing bills to comply.

Raw Milk and Cheese is Undergoing a Renaissance as Artisanal Foods Rise in Popularity

16 Apr 2016 | 261,626 Views

It's healthier and thriving with more valuable nutrients and enzymes - so why are you cautioned against it? Truth is, it's been wrongfully demonized - as long as you take this 10-part checklist into account, it's one of the safest foods you can eat.

Feds Taint Raw Milk Investigation, Soil Farmer's Reputation

05 Apr 2016 | 37,226 Views

A small organic farm in Pennsylvania is the latest target of a federal raw milk investigation. Health officials say a woman died from listeriosis after drinking the farm’s raw milk, but her loved ones are outraged; they say she actually died from cancer.