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Raw Milk Articles

FDA Says: Drinking This Natural Food is a Crime

It might have been consumed all over the world for thousands of years, but according to the FDA you don't have the right to make an educated choice about whether to feed it to your family. Mark...

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FDA Milk Prohibition Is Dirty Dairy’s Scheme

07 Feb 2017 | 30,675 Views

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bans the interstate sale or distribution of raw milk, a regulation that favors industrial mega-dairy farms while forcing small farmers out of business. Increasing numbers of Americans are seeking out locally produced raw milk, however, and some states are introducing bills to comply.

Raw Milk and Cheese is Undergoing a Renaissance as Artisanal Foods Rise in Popularity

16 Apr 2016 | 218,823 Views

It's healthier and thriving with more valuable nutrients and enzymes - so why are you cautioned against it? Truth is, it's been wrongfully demonized - as long as you take this 10-part checklist into account, it's one of the safest foods you can eat.

Feds Taint Raw Milk Investigation, Soil Farmer's Reputation

05 Apr 2016 | 28,962 Views

A small organic farm in Pennsylvania is the latest target of a federal raw milk investigation. Health officials say a woman died from listeriosis after drinking the farm’s raw milk, but her loved ones are outraged; they say she actually died from cancer.

Making the Decision to Switch to Raw Milk

08 Mar 2016 | 55,153 Views

Have you tried raw milk? Many are reverting to milk in its traditional form in order to reap the health advantages and, for some, simply for the rich, creamy flavor. Even if you don't drink milk, the war against raw milk represents a much greater threat to overall food freedom.

Study: Raw Milk Can Reduce Asthma and Allergies

09 Feb 2016 | 53,585 Views

A recent study adds to the growing evidence that children who drink raw milk benefit in the form of a reduced risk of respiratory infection, asthma, allergies and even inflammation. As demand for raw milk grows, the dairy industry is fighting back.

Pesticides in Milk Causing Brain Damage - Support Raw and Grass-Fed Dairy

22 Dec 2015 | 42,533 Views

Pesticides in pasteurized milk may be killing brain cells and leading to Parkinson's disease. Raw milk from grass-fed cows may represent a less contaminated, healthier alternative.

Members of Congress Drink Raw Milk in Support of Food Freedom

15 Sep 2015 | 200,836 Views

Even though they're completely natural, eat any of these five foods and you could find yourself under criminal investigation. Yet these heroes from the US Congress did exactly that, defying the Mafia strong-armed tactics aimed at keeping you controlled...

Raw Milk and the Raw Deal

10 Mar 2015 | 124,926 Views

You've probably heard government warnings about the "dangers" of raw milk... but where are the warnings about the foods that are far more likely to make you sick?

Documentary Reveals Shocking Extent of Government-Big Business Collusion to Eradicate Freedom of Choice

21 Feb 2015 | 290,091 Views

The US government does everything they can to shut it down and criminalize it. Yet in Europe it's widely available, and even sold in vending machines. What's going on here? Take a hint from the playbook of other industries, and you'll be right on the trail of clues.

Are There Illegal Drugs in Your Dairy?

18 Nov 2014 | 45,009 Views

The FDA conducted a study to find out what kinds of drugs are in commercial CAFO milk... two years later, they have yet to share the results.


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